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Medium – MF03

Best suited to those with medium skin tones. A skin type that sometimes burns but gradually tans.
Contains pink undertones to counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.

For those that prefer a yellow based foundation, Tan is very similar to medium in shade with the main difference being Tan has yellow undertones.

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Weight 0.050 kg

Full Size 8g, Sample 1/4 tsp


  1. This is by far the best Mineral Foundation that I have ever used. It offers great coverage and has really good staying power, I didn’t need to reapply it throughout the day like I’m used to doing with other brands. I associate foundation powders with looking “cakey” but this mineral powder looked extremely natural and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin one bit. The sample size was the perfect amount to truly try and test the product before purchasing the full size powder, which I will definitely be doing. So grateful to have found this amazing company!

  2. This is my first mineral make up, let me tell you I was and still am blown away. The amount of coverage you can get with this foundation is fantastic I can’t wait to place my next order and get hold of more and different stock ! Will never go back xx

  3. I first heard about Be Coyote through Skye (From Big Brother) & I ended up buying the kit after seeing pics of how flawless her skin looked using Be Coyote.
    I was a bit hesitant at first only because nothing had ever worked for me in the past, I was either allergic or there was no great coverage that lasted all day ( which i needed as i am very self conscious about my natural skin considering I have pimples and some scars.
    Let me tell you I winged the shade and just chose medium and it was 100% a perfect match.
    Not only that but the coverage was fantastic!!!
    What pimples & scars? they can not be seen!
    It lasted all day, even one day I was so tired that I forgot to wipe it off and it even stayed on overnight haha!!
    For once there is a product that I am not allergic to, that is not animal tested, that has great coverage, for once a company that says exactly how it is with no tricks etc.
    Not only this but anytime you have a query or like me accidentally order the wrong shade they always respond and are so helpful.
    Also the tub may look small but trust me it is enough especially if you aren’t like me and don’t wear it everyday.. I need a new one every 3 weeks. So for the everyday girl who will only put it on when out then it will last you ages. Even in my case I am happy to pay the amount every 3 weeks because of how great the product is and how amazing Ellana is 🙂
    Thank you Ellana for everything and being absolutely amazing and understanding!!!! So glad i found you. Will never go back. xxx

  4. I love this foundation. I use light normally however the medium is great for summer when I either have a tan or want a bit more colour. I love it so much that I own both colours! I find a little goes a long way with this colour but you can also build up great coverage very easily! Great value for money!

  5. I swear by this product! Absolutely amazing! I refer it to all my friends and family too!
    Due to being a beauty therapy student and working in the industry, i need my skin looking fresh and have the most coverage possible! And this one does the job, with early mornings and long days it lasts and is very easy to apply on the go!
    Main attraction was how earthy and organic BE COYOTE is! Just love what they are doing for the environment and everything else that comes along with it!!!! Also it is very very rare to find a cosmetic product that is against animal crulity!
    Always an essential for my every day makeup, and my makeup for a night out! Awesome, can’t leave the house without it on or in my handbag!
    meet some of the lovely be coyote ladies at the melbourne wellness and beauty expo and they were so welcoming and helped me find my perfect products! Good job ladies! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see the brand expand!!! All the best!!!

  6. I decided to give this makeup a go as I’d come across it on Instagram. I didn’t have high expectations as I assumed that all the ‘celebrities’ giving it rave reviews were paid to do so. However I thought it was worth a shot. I must admit, I have been pleasantly surprised! I quickly realised that I didn’t need to use half as much of the product as I was initially using, and it’s so nice to get home after a full day of work and still have a fresh-looking face, which I had been struggling with when trying to find a liquid foundation – by the end of the day all my foundation had worn off.
    An added bonus of be Coyote is the lack of nasties in it and it’s cruelty free, which I value more lately in a product. Thanks, Be Coyote! 🙂

  7. This is by far my favourite loose mineral foundation. It’s so light and gives that smooth flawless look. I tend to get a bit oily through out the day but with this foundation it never shows up. Easy applied with a brush with just a small amount going a long way!! Honestly can’t fault this product. It’s also great to see that you can buy sample sizes as there is nothing worse than purchasing a product that is completely the wrong colour.
    Keep up the great work!!

  8. I was hesitant to buy online without trying, but based on pics and comments on Instagram I chose medium, and the colour is perfect. The product is so light and natural looking. I’m not usually a fan of powder foundation, but I had heard so many good things about Be coyote so I just had to try. I’m glad I did! Easy to apply, I fluff a bit on before work to even out my skin tone, or if I’m doing full make up I build it up to a flawless base. As a vegan I am always looking for great quality cruelty products, and this is my new favourite. I have been getting so many compliments on my skin since I started using this, I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

  9. THE BEST! Look no further, for mineral make up lovers, first timers and sceptical about mineral powder – look no further this is all you need! Flawless, weightless makeup with all the coverage you need! A make up that truely works! No nasties, no animal cruelty, no animal fats or byproducts (those are all the nasties you don’t want) and that’s important! And you don’t need to be a makeup pro to put it on I could not rate this higher if I tried it’s by far the best iv tried – and iv tried a LOT from the expressive to the rediculously expensive!
    But most of all the customer service is all you could wish for, living in TAS we are sometimes limited in our options, I purchased the wrong colour and within minutes I had a personalised email from the owner ellana, I was stunned, this was late on a Saturday night, I wish I could meet this girl as its so so rare to find someone like that in business! I can not rate this product or brand higher! Glad to be a customer of something so amazing! Xx

  10. AMAZING Makeup! Couldn’t get over how much coverage you get from such a light, natural feeling powder. The shade match description was spot on. I love this product!

  11. I have always struggled to find a foundation that actually works for me both colour and coverage wise. I have FINALLY found that in this makeup! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

  12. Today was my first day using this Medium Mineral Foundation and i absolutely LOVE it. Cannot believe how light it feel, i actually feel like i have nothing on my face. I bought a few other products and am in love with them all. Everything else i own is in the bin and Be Coyote will be my regular and only purchase from now on!

  13. I LOVE this foundation! I have uneven skin and can get quite red, but this foundation has been my saviour! I can use a small amount to cover my redness for everyday wear or I can use more for more coverage. I love using the concealer trio with this, especially when going out, to cover spots and my dark circles. I recommend using the primer prior to applying this foundation, as it really helps achieve a flawless application. When I sent through a photo of myself, your colour matching was spot on. Amazing product! THANK YOU!

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