All Be Coyote Mineral Foundations are light weight and easy to apply.

Formulated using the finest ingredients, our foundations are hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skin including the most sensitive skin types.

Our long lasting, water resistant mineral foundation is free of oil, talc and parabens and contains no preservatives, fragrances or bismuth oxychloride.

A Foundation and concealer in one, the loose minerals can be applied in alternating styles to provide multiple levels of coverage depending on preference.

WE CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE YOUR FOUNDATION SHADE – Please email with a few photos of yourself in good NATURAL lighting and we will recommend the shade best suited to your skin tone.


  • MF01 – This is our lightest shade and will suit a light skin.   With dual elements to counteract pink and yellow undertones of the skin
  • MF02 – Best suited to a light skin tone. This shade has a yellow base so will counteract natural redness.
  • MF03 – Best suited to those with medium skin tones. Contains pink undertones to counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.
  • MF04 – This shade suits a medium skin tone. Contains yellow undertones to counteract any pink tone in the skin.
  • MF05 – Best suites a tan to olive skin tone. This shade has a pink base so will counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.
  • MF06 – This shade suits a tan skin tone. Contains yellow undertones to counteract any pink tone in the skin.
  • MF07 – This shade suits a Dark skin tone and has a pink base so will counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.
  • MF08 – Coming Soon
  • MF09 – Coming Soon


Sericite mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, rice powder, magnesium myristate, kaolin clay, boron nitride, mica, iron oxides. May contain ultramarine blue

NET Weight: 8g


As a powder – Tap a small amount of powder into a small dish or lid of foundation, apply to Be Coyote vegan Kabuki Brush and creating small circles apply all over face from forehead to chin being sure to work product into creases and crevasses of the face. For optimum result repeat this step multiple times in thin layers, this ensures even distribution of powder and avoids a muddy, caked appearance.

For a soft dewy finish – Apply one or two pumps of Be Coyote Liquid Magic all over face and neck, allow oil to settle into skin for a minute or two. Apply powder as previously described and this will provide a fuller yet natural finish.

Create your own custom preservative free Liquid Foundation:  This is a combination of the first two steps by mixing a small amount of powder with a pump of Liquid Magic, combine these until liquid reaches a creamy consistency. Apply cream foundation all over face with kabuki brush or be coyote liquid magic brush and set by applying a layer of powder for a perfect satin finish.

NB: If the balance is not correct the foundation will either be too slippery from too much Liquid Magic or will appear pasty and thick from too much powder. Either of these combinations will not give you an even application or perfect finish, so taking the time to become familiar with using Liquid Magic is essential.


As a Concealer – Apply powder alone or combined with a small amount of liquid magic to individual spots and blemishes. Apply with concealer brush or fingertips in a circular motions to be sure to cover every angle of the blemish.

As an Eye-shadow base – Following the instructions for concealer, replace your Mineral Foundation with a slightly lighter shade than your overall foundation shade covering the entire eye area, this creates a clean blank canvas for eye-shadow art, then set with a layer of powder foundation