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    All Be Coyote blushes are light weight and long lasting. Safe for use on eyes so can also be used as an eye shadow. Free of oil, talc and parabens. Ingredients zinc oxide,kaolin clay,magnesium stearate,silica,mica,may contain iron oxides.
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    MINERAL FOUNDATION All Be Coyote Mineral Foundations are light weight and easy to apply. They provide amazing coverage, without the 'caked on' look, allowing you to still look natural. Formulated using the finest ingredients our foundations are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin types. Long lasting, water resistant, and free of oil, talc and parabens. Our Mineral Foundations contain no preservatives, fragrances or bismuth oxychloride. A Foundation and concealer in one, the loose minerals can be applied dry and achieve an all over natural satin finish or applied over Be Coyotes Liquid Magic to create a liquid finish providing total full coverage. SPF 15 Ingredients sericte mica,titanium dioxide,zinc oxide,rice powder,magnesium myristate,kaolin clay,boron nitride,mica,iron oxides.may contain ultramarine blue Which shade should I choose? LIGHT - suited to those with light to medium skin tones. MEDIUM - Best suited to those with medium skin tones. A skin type that sometimes burns but gradually tans. Pink undertones. TAN - Tan is one shade up from the Medium foundation. Best suit skin types that tan from the sun. Medium to Tan skin tones. Yellow undertones. OLIVE - best suits a skin type that rarely burns and tans easily. Tan to Olive skin tones. DARK - best suits skin that is tanned all year round. DARK OLIVE - A skin that never burns. Very olive. We understand how tricky it is to purchase foundation online for the first time, so if your shade does not match, just notify us straight away and we will exchange your foundation for the correct shade on return of the product. We recommend using our PRIMER before foundation to even our your skin tone and create a nice even base and MINERAL VEIL as the final step in our makeup application. The veil will absorb excess oil and set your makeup for the day. For a fuller coverage use our KABUKI BRUSH and the POWDER BRUSH for a lighter coverage.